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A 3D Adventure Puzzler
Aeons pass. A lightning strike causes the ships computer to awaken at last. The only functional mechanical device is a lowly service robot. The HEXADROID.

The computer issues a command: go forth onto the planet and explore, to discover a power source that will allow the ship to return home.
A gameworld like no other
The retro-future is in your browser.

Citadel NFT's are playable characters in the CITADEL 3D metaverse.

Choose a droid, use the tools, explore the world and share adventures with other CITADEL denizens.
Physics sandbox IDE
Build and share your own maps.

A 3D physics-enabled Sandbox with an Integrated Development Environment in your browser.

Add creatures, obstacles, puzzles, weird Sci-Fi machinery, a soundtrack and visual effects.
Citadel Sandbox Editor
21 September 2021
Series 1 Launch SOLD OUT
  • 10K Playable Hexadroid NFTs
  • Map Editor Physics Sandbox
  • November 2021
    Series 2 Launch
  • Media Pack: Retro-future
  • In-game NFT Tools
  • Map Creator's Leaderboard
  • Q1 2022
    Community Roadshow
  • Community tool marketplace
  • In-game Media Packs (tba)
  • Full Original Soundtrack launch
  • Citadel White Paper

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    Hexadroid NFT Series 1 - Rarity of Body attributes


    Hexadroid NFT Series 1 - Rarity of Decals

    Tools & Gameplay
    Real-time IDE
    Build your own maps whilst the game is running. Add sounds, creatures, traps, puzzles, platforms and more.
    Sandbox Editor is free to all players.
    Playable NFTs
    Citadel NFTs interact with the gameworld. If it's in your wallet, it's available in-game.
    Series 1 Hexadroid NFTs available to purchase at launch.
    CITADEL Swag: Hoodie
    Got your Citadel NFTs? It's time to relax and impress your friends with our exclusive CITADEL merch. Beware of expensive imitations!
    Availability: October 2021